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5 new artists announced!

Day by day it seems that Sweetwine Group continues to grow and reach out further than ever. With that said, we want to extend a very warm welcome to the following artists as part of our family here at SEG.

Brazilian Girls  (non-exclusive booking)

Known globally for their raw and eclectic performances. The sexy/ quirky/ mysterious Brazilian Girls are three men; Didi Gutman on keyboard and computers, Jesse Murphy on bass and Aaron Johnston on drums, and one woman; Sabina Sciubba, the vocalist, who often enjoys wearing lacy eye masks on stage and sings in no less than five different languages.

Expect a NEW ALBUM in late 2014! 


Cherine Anderson 

In our modern day parade of glamour, glitz, and unmerited superstardom, Cherine has taken today’s road less traveled; the path of paying dues, cultivating her abilites and developing her signature Dancehall Soul sound; a mixture of Reggae, Dancehall, Soul and R&B.

Cherine has become one of Jamaica’s leading young female singer/ songwriters and performers.

194,000+ followers on Social Media!

Cherine has toured with John Mayer, Counting Crows, Michael Franti, Slightly Stoopid and more.

Cherine Anderson Band Pic

Cody Beebe & The Crooks 

Cody Beebe and the Crooks make rock music. It’s raw, true and every track is a slice of Americana. If you like organic, blue based rock music, spiced up with some heartfelt lyrics and a soulfull vocal delivery, CBC delivers the goods.

 “One of the most memorable rock ensembles in the Northwest” –Seattle Music Insider



DrFameus is an electronic music project created by the versatile drummer, Allen Aucoin (current drummer for the Disco Biscuits). He explores many different musical realms ranging from break-beats to drum ‘n’ bass to techno/ house. It is his ability to survey the crowd and improvise that has allowed him to play in such diverse projects over the years.


Greenhouse Lounge 

Greenhouse Lounge is an electronic musical trio that combines the computer based production of a DJ, accompanied by rock guitar leads, heavy synthesized bass and live drums. They are adept at merging rumbling dub basslines with pumping electronica beats, breakbeat dynamics and staggering sample manipulation. Their music can be described as a tightly woven sonic soundscape that is rich in melody and texture.

GHL Press Photo