About Sweetwine Entertainment Group

Sweetwine Entertainment Group was founded with a love for music, a respect for performers, a desire to provide a more personalized service to touring musicians and the chance to deliver a spectacular concert experience to music fans everywhere. A booking agency for world-class musical talent, SEG creates opportunities for its exclusive artists that are tailored to their style and establish long-term career growth.

Sweetwine Entertainment Group’s mission is to provide exceptional quality and service to its roster of clients, developing strong relationships and solid communication with all sides of the industry. Thinking outside the box allows SEG to find the right venue for each artist and develop their careers based on their unique attributes to achieve excellence and longevity. With a carefully selected roster, SEG is proud to offer fans around the world an unforgettable live music experience.

Sweetwine Entertainment Group was launched in 2007 and continues to grow with a lineup of Grammy and award-winning artists to rising stars.