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New Kingston joins SEG booking roster!

It is our pleasure to welcome U.S. Reggae ambassadors, New Kingston to the Sweetwine Group booking roster.

The band’s background and upbringing are reflected in their approach to the industry, as well: they are truly a U.S. reggae band, part of the movement that has revitalized and evolved the genre domestically, with a focus on digital marketing, heavy national touring, and never sticking to a stale formula for what reggae should sound like. As second generation Jamaican-Americans, they are able to just as easily hold their own with the traditional reggae scene. New Kingston has toured with the likes of SOJA, Matisyahu, Beres Hamond, Rebelution, Collie Buddz, The Green, Tribal Seeds, Common Kings and many more.

On the heels of a major breakout year, New Kingston has been signed to Easy Star Records for their most recent release, “Kingston City”. The band is managed by Ineffable Music Group and shares roster space with artists such as Collie Buddz, The Expanders, Giant Panda Gorilla Dub Squad, The Green and many others.

It is SEG’s honor to round out the team and take their touring to next levels!

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New Kingston

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