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SEG signs PANJEA, CB-3 & Sons Of The Addicted!!


SEG is pleased to announce the signing of 3 amazing bands!

World Music pioneers from Africa to America
featuring Chris Berry & Michael Kang (SCI)

Chris Berry picked up where Paul Simon left off," says Michael Kang, violinist and mandolin-player for The String Cheese Incident. "Chris’ music glides across all racial and ethnic lines making everyone feel at home within the music. Panjea has spent the last several years touring the Nation and gracing the stage at many of this countries top festivals. Be on the lookout for future routing as this band is geared up and ready to tour!!

Electronic, Afro-Rhythmic Dance

Featuring Chris Berry, Jesse Murphy & Aaron Johnston of the Brazilian Girls!!

This is an experimental trio that has already been turning heads from the East Coast to the West Coast! CB-3’s Sound is a mix of the modern and the ancient. Old rhythms from the motherland are played through heavy electronics and otherworldly effects. Make no mistake, with Jesse and Aaron from the Grammy Nominated Brazilian Girls band combined with Chris Berry, this group is destined for success!! 


Alt. Rock / Hard Rock

Sons of the Addicted is a new rock band from Denver CO that draws from four decades of musical landscapes woven together with a unique and quirky twist. The sound is fresh with flashback moments of Zappa, Incubus, Primus, Tool, Satriani, Jean-Luc Ponty and others haunting the memory modes of your brain’s opiate receptors into believing that you’ve heard this music before… but where?  Nowhere! That’s because Sons of the Addicted’s melodic songwriting and hypnotic rhythms are distinctly their own and sounds like no other music being heard today.

For more info on all these new artists, please visit their profile page on the SEG website.