The Malah


Live-electronic trio, The Malah, have been captivating ears across the country with their organic, electro-grooves since 2003. Having recently relocated to the burgeoning music scene in Colorado, by way of Greenville, SC, The Malah have spent the last decade touring relentlessly, mastering their sound, and gaining a devout fan-base along the way. The trio explores the meeting point of cutting-edge technology and ancient musical theory. Creating a unique sound that is praised in both the ‘Jam’ and ‘Electronica’ communities. Truly a musical journey, every note is strategically placed with the utmost care; every melody finds its cosmic percussion partner in the sound space continuum. With a focus on layers and melody, bassist Elliott Vaughn provides a steady backdrop groove to compliment the axe wizardry of Brandon Maynard. With both members adding in carefully crafted beats and samples, the sound is met in a musical utopia by the explosive percussion of drummer Seth Fankhauser.

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Career Highlights

The Malah have been direct Support for artists such as: Lotus, Bonobo, Big Gigantic, Shpongle, Papadosio, and more.


Festival Appearances include:: Re:Generation (’11), Bear Creek (’07,’08,’09,’10,’13), Lightning in a Bottle (’11), Sonic Bloom (’12,’14),Summer Set (’13), Rootwire (’10,’11,’12,’13), Blackwater (’10), Aura (’10,’11,’12), Trinumeral (’08,’09), Art Outside (’14) and many more.


Guest Appearances by: Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic), Mike Rempel (Lotus), Sam Brouse (Papadosio)


Music Licensing: Buffalo Records (Japan), Warren Miller Films (USA)